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The Police Service of Northern Ireland assesses there is a continued threat of violence from dissident republicans in Northern Ireland, focused primarily on police and military targets, and may involve the use of firearms and explosives.

Tensions may be heightened during the summer marching season (April to August), particularly during the month of July (around the July 12 public holiday).

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory College in 1886, Brittain worked his way up the ranks from principal of an Atlanta high school to superintendent of education for the entire state of Georgia.

In 1922, Brittain accepted the position of president of the Georgia Institute of Technology, then called the Georgia School of Technology, an office he would hold until his retirement in 1944.

During his tenure, Brittain was able to convince the state of Georgia to increase funding for the Institute.

He had noted in the 1923 annual report that "there are more students in Georgia Tech than in any other two colleges in Georgia, and we have the smallest appropriation of them all." Additionally, a 0,000 grant (equivalent to ,300,996.02 in 2016) from the Guggenheim Foundation allowed Brittain to establish the David Guggenheim School of Aeronautics at Georgia Tech.

During his 22-year tenure at Georgia Tech, Brittain was credited with doubling student enrollment, establishing what is now the second largest aerospace engineering faculty in the United States, and playing an influential role in securing Georgia Tech's position as a leading technical institute and research university. Brittain, a Baptist minister, and Ida Callaway, granddaughter of Baptist minister Enoch Callaway.

All European countries remain potentially vulnerable to attacks from transnational terrorist organizations.

A pair of buildings bears the name of Brittain as well. Marion Luther Brittain, Sr., House, built in the Neoclassical Revival style and located at 1109 West Peachtree Street in Atlanta, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 23, 1993.

The building served as Brittain's home from its construction in 1911 until Brittain and his family moved to the Georgia Tech president's house in 1922.

The UK Security Service, commonly known as MI5, publishes specific reasons for any changes in the threat level and recommended actions for the public via its UK threat levels website.

There is the potential for isolated violence related to the political situation in Northern Ireland.