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Find out more about the new law at ISBA's December 4 CLE (see p. "Heart-balm actions" In conjunction with the IMDMA, the following statutes are also effective January 1, 2016: Alienation of Affections Abolition Act, Breach of Promise Abolition Act, and Criminal Conversations Abolition Act.

These "heart balm" actions are abolished to promote the recognition that amicable settlement of domestic relations matters are beneficial to families.

This will provide needed relief to divorce litigants who often wait for lengthy periods for the court's decision without indication when the judgment will be entered.

The overhaul of Illinois' marriage, divorce, and parentage laws was long overdue.Court-appointed financial experts for asset or property valuation The revised IMDMA gives trial courts discretion to use one of several different dates to determine the value of assets or property to ensure fair treatment of both parties and to adjust for circumstances out of their control.As a matter of discretion, the court may use the date of trial, a date agreed upon by the parties, or any other such date as ordered by the court.Not all of the changes to the IMDMA can be discussed in this article, but all should be carefully reviewed by family law practitioners.Among the many improvements, ratifications of current practice, and codification of caselaw that the revised IMDMA includes, what follows is a brief overview of some of the most significant changes that should be noted by practitioners.