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Steel tile usage is in vogue these days in kitchens and also is being used in living rooms.

Several designers have designed armchairs and sofas which has a touch of wood to it.

Stainless steel is a particular variety that’s made by combining steel with chrome and other materials depending on the desired look and strength of the metal.

Fitted interiors too like sinks, curtain rods, art pieces are increasingly becoming tasteful choices among urban lifestyle as well as those who have a creative bend of mind.

There are several artists and designers who have adopted steel as the medium to showcase their artworks.

Renowned artist Mattar Bin Lahej who has been using steel to create calligraphic sculptures had been working on a series that will be displayed at the Sharjah Islamic Museum.

For a more industrial feel, which is becoming ever more popular, steel is also an excellent choice.

You might have more flexibility if the finish of the metal can be a bit more rustic and doesn’t have to be completely perfect to fit your overall look.