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Seven years later, , a superior film in many regards – funnier and faithful to the legacy of the characters – but suffering from a forgettable storyline.

The film tanked at the box office, perhaps due to the ill will held over from .

They want to see the Looney Tunes solving their own problems, interacting with each other and perhaps even competing towards a common goal.

The presence of real-life actors is the gimmick, not the presence of Looney Tunes in the so-called “real world.” Nobody wants to see a Looney Tunes parody of .

There’s an entire generation of Looney Tunes fans who didn’t just grow up with Bugs and Daffy, but who also grew up with their extended cartoon family.

The Animaniacs in particular are perhaps equally respected by modern audiences as classic Warner Bros.

“The Night Watchman”, the first Chuck Jones cartoon featuring a little kitten that resembles Sniffles the Mouse: and here’s the hilarious “Dough Ray Me-Ow”: Clicking on any of the images above will take you to the Amazon page where you can pick up this great set for your own, er I mean, your kids enjoyment.

As with the last two Looney Tunes movies, this new film will feature the classic cartoon characters interacting with real-life actors, doubtless to capitalize on the recent success of similar films like . found Daffy as the proprietor of an honest to God wishing well, and the rest of the Looney Tunes cast lined up so their wishes could segue into old shorts like “Captain Hareblower” and “Stupor Duck.”This trend ended with 1996’s , a financially successful but pandering motion picture that starred NBA superstar Michael Jordan, who was called out of one of his many retirements to play basketball with the Looney Tunes, who wagered their freedom from alien slave drivers on a big game.

There is absolutely no good reason to use CG creations over the cast’s 2D counterparts, and if that decision is eventually made, lifelong fans are likely to reject the new movie outright, sight unseen. The Looney Tunes are the stars here, not “Celebrity X.” If Bugs and Daffy have to interact with the real world, because that’s the genre these days, then fair enough, but don’t make the film dependent on the live-action cast.The audience wants to see the Looney Tunes, fittingly enough, back in action.Our interest in Emma Stone’s boyfriend troubles, or the efforts of a temporarily popular child actor to bring their divorced parents back together.learn from their mistakes and finally take that left turn at Albuquerque.To children and life-long fans everywhere, the Looney Tunes are real. studios, as established in 1940’s “You Ought To Be In Pictures,” an early, successful attempt to juxtapose the Looney Tunes with real life figures, like animation producer Leon Schlesinger.