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When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage last year, Mc Clurkin was as outspoken as ever about the ruling."We've just received the answer from man's Supreme Court ...Mullen on his arm, months after being transparent about wanting love.The 56-year-old "We Fall Down" singer and Perfecting Faith Church pastor took to Twitter to let the world know about his wonderful date. Mullen...a wonderful right with the world," he wrote. " Both singers have been open about their love lives in the past.I live a blessed and prosperous life and travel this entire globe lack of finances, gaining in health, loved and although [I'm] single, I'm believing for love …," Mc Clurkin revealed on Instagram.From the elated opener, "That's What I Believe," to the intimate anthems in "We Fall Down," Mc Clurkin leads the audience through a journey that is filled with inspiration and passion.Standing firmly on the belief that only a heavenly blessing could make all of this happen, Mc Clurkin keeps the attention firmly fixed on God throughout the entire show.

With a 1996 debut that went gold, a single on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and performances for Presidents Bush and Clinton, the list of Mc Clurkin's awards and recognition goes on and on.

Last year, Mc Clurkin spoke about believing in God for love.

"Sitting in Johannesburg feeling a lil lonely and homesick ...

"My son is teaching me how to love," Mc Clurkin previously said on TBN's Praise the Lord.

"My son is releasing me to love." While he has been waiting to find the woman of his dreams, Mc Clurkin has never shied away from his testimony concerning a battle with homosexuality in the past.