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The mean width of the tree ring is a function of many variables, including the tree species, tree age, soil nutrient availability, and a whole host of climatic factors (Bradley, 1985).The problem facing the dendroclimatologist is to extract whatever climatic signal is available in the tree-ring data from the remaining background "noise" (Fritts, 1976).Fritts (1976) provides a more exhaustive review of the assumptions involved in the use of dendroclimatology.

Furthermore, climatic conditions prior to the growth period may precondition physiological processes within the tree and hence strongly influence subsequent growth (Bradley, 1985).Unfortunately, isotope fractionation effects within the tree, which are themselves temperature dependent, will create problems associated with this technique (Libby, 1972).QUALITY OAK FLOORING & DECKING PRODUCTS Flooring: produced from a high grade European Oak as a solid board or in engineered form for use with under floor heating. Other products: Skirtings, Architraves and Mouldings. All doors and windows are manufactured in our joinery division and can be produced on a bespoke basis.Consequently, strong serial correlation or autocorrelation may establish itself in the tree-ring record.A specific tree ring will contain information not just about the climate conditions of the growth year but information about the months and years preceding it.