Dating derby girl survival guide

Getting first date shoes right needn’t be a worry though.

While we (hopefully) don’t need to tell you to avoid Crocs or cowboy boots, there are plenty of styles out there to give the right first impression.

): It’s SYR season and we’ve got some tips to help you smash it. Just because it’s no longer a tradition to set-up your roommate doesn’t mean you should discount the practice entirely.

It’s about finding the best outfit you can, getting ready with your friends, and hoping the dance isn’t too awkward. There’s no reason not to go all-out in jungle attire or find the classiest Kentucky Derby outfit you can.

Creating and finding your outfit can be (and should be) one of the best parts about SYRs! You have almost every other night of the semester to go to a super-fun dorm party.

If you’ve mentally started picking out china sets and can hear distant wedding bells, !

They can decode love interests’ texts, giving an honest male perspective. Although your housemate may constantly get a bullseye in darts, it doesn’t mean he can aim at the toilet!