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I always say that you have to look the part and this guy was 6'3", 240lbs.I thought, "If I'm going to have a trainer, it might as well be this guy." We started working out, and I fell in love with it.When I joined the 5th Avenue Box, I met what I like to call my Cross Fit guru.This guy knew who I was from MTV and we started chatting.Shortly after, Cross Fit Solace called me up to be their Director of the HIIT Studio and a Cross Fit Coach. Why do you do Cross Fit and why do you think you've gained the success that you have? That's why I love Cross Fit- it's stabilized my measurements, it's constantly changing and it allows me to compete (all of us have a bit of a competitor inside us).I used to get my competition fill from wrestling and jiu jitsu. I mean, everyone winds up somewhere else because of a significant other, right?Kenny Santucci is a man who has evolved tremendously over time.He was selected to be on The Challenge from an MTV open casting call, took second place in his first competition and was invited back for seven years.

After opening up his own gym in New Jersey, Kenny moved to NYC.I'm thankful I made it out alive with some wins and a few really great buddies. Mister Cee is as central to the story of rap as the rappers themselves.What's the highlight of your career on The Challenge? I've made it to the end of seven out of my eight challenges.I've won first place three times and second place three times.