Dating commitment phobic guy

Rinse and repeat If you’re anything like I was, you may’ve had the confounding experience of finally getting the strength to stay away from your commitment-phobic guy for good … only to have him come back on hands and knees, swearing that he really really loves you and he’s really really changed this time!I’m thankful for knowing such a dynamically talented, spiritual, intelligent and beautiful woman.” (My ego ate that up like a delicious Chow Mein!

The relationship expert also highlights that commitment phobes can be “ultra-charming” to begin with but once they’ve got you, often fade away.

The really tricky part is he probably really means it.

But once he has you back, he feels suffocated and smothered all over again.

Does your partner blow hot and cold, have an aversion to making plans or think that their needs should always come first?

Well, chances are you could be dating a commitment phobe.