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It’s been great and I’ll try and assemble a recap of Record Store Day in the next couple days. As of now (4-26-12) if you’d like to check on any of this please visit our Discogs Sales page at: All that we have left has either been put up there or will be momentarily. We’re super excited and very tired from all the preparation we’ve been doing for Record Store Day tomorrow!We are definitely out of a lot and low on most others at this point. We’ve got a regular stock update too so if you’re looking for the Record Store Day stuff solely you can scan on down (or CTRL F “Record Store Day Titles”).It was the ultimate act of devotion, and Genesis’s most risky, ambitious, and subversive performance to date: he became a she in a triumphant act of artistic self-expression.Genesis called this project “Creating the Pandrogyne”.A couple other specifics for tomorrow (RSD2012): there will be no trade-in or consignment business so if you do need that please leave it for another day; the next day even.We will also not have any listening stations for that day. It helps us keep the flow of the store nice and smooth so we can all enjoy what’s happening around us at the moment (that maybe sounds hokey, it is, but I mean it). It really is a great thing to see so many folks come through and then of course to see you all throughout the year is wonderful.The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye documents a truly new brand of Romantic consciousness, one in defiance of the daily dehumanization of the body by the pervasive presence of advertising and pornography, conveying beauty, dignity and devotion from a perspective never before seen on film.First off, thanks to everyone who came by this entire past week at any time during our sale.

If you show up early (and if you’re looking for specific titles we highly suggest you show up early), line up by the tent out back!

This album contains unique orchestral samples from the German composer, Hauschka, which are vigorously chopped up and lined with electronic beats and catchy synthesizer phrases.

The lead singer Roman Rappak holds a high energy throughout the LP with a few exceptions on softer tunes, and has a similar sound to the guys from Bloc Party or the Kooks.

Francis Duo (2LP)”Omnivore “Omnivore ( D/L)”Taylor, Ebo “Twer Nyame”Various Artists “Banned In Czechoslovakia: Underground Praha Musical Activism Under Communism, 1975-90 (DG 307, The MCH Band, The Plastic People Of The Universe, Uz Jsme Doma…)”Various Artists “Metal Dance Ltd. The rich sounding emotional hooks in tracks like “Hold Me Down” and “Open Bar” are easy to follow and get engrossed in.

Edition 12″ Single (John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, The Cage, Shock)”Yeh / Wesseltoft / Courtis / Lee “Cold/Burn (Anla Courtis, Okkyung Lee, C. One of my favorite tracks is the most experimental: the 8-and-a-half-minute “Milking The Moon” builds the most intricate, creative patterns by swirling into elements of post-punk, psychedelic and shoegaze before fading into sharp, wailing feedback.