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Hidden lives With their secret lifestyles, these three young people from Cairo's liberal, intellectual elite are pushing at the limits set by a society dominated by traditional views.Even among educated urbanites, the concept of an unmarried mother simply does not exist."I don't have the courage to shake their beliefs - especially my father's," he says.

It is true that 'clothing in Egypt is becoming more liberal' but this is ONLY for the 'wealthy-liberal-elite', who often cannot wear such clothing openly in the streets.

But she refuses anything more intimate than holding hands.

If she has sex with him, she explains, she may end up being forced to marry him, which she is not yet sure she wants to do. Ashraf, 26, says he has been pushing her towards intimacy: "I just have to stop at a point when I am sure she will refuse to sleep with me - that means she is a good girl." Many more young women say they plan to stay virgins until they marry.

Gynaecologist Ahdy Wahid Rizk says that each week, two or three young women visit his central Cairo clinic to ask about hymen reconstruction, despite the fact that he has always refused to carry out the illegal operation.

But even so, those having premarital sex may well still be a small minority.

Dating canada sex for muslims