Dating back to the precambrian era 2 way cam chat xxx

From 4500 to 3800 mya (the Hadean) the earth was indeed a hostile place.

During this period the sun formed by gravitational compaction, and eventually reached the temperature and pressure conditions for nuclear fusion.

While science generally can not determine the producing organism or organisms, stromatolite can indeed be beautiful expressions of the most ancient life on earth.

Life came from the sea, and the sea sustains life on earth, especially the many microbes that recycle the fundamental elements from which proteins are constructed (for example in the nitrogen cycle)It is believed that the earth formed after the Big Bang some 4 ½ billion years ago (4500 mya), an almost incomprehension amount of time.The most prevalent theory is that the Eubacteria are ancestral to the Archaea, only identified as a distinct domain of life in the 1970's.Domain Archaea include organisms that can exist, and maybe are the only organisms that can exist, in extremely hostile environments, such as thermal vents and hypersaline water.However, an alternate hypothesis postulates that eukaryotes may have appeared in late Archaean time.Ancient shales of northwest Australia dated with uranium and lead to 2700 mya contain microscopic traces of oil containing sterols.