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Some of this stuff just needs to be done from within the U. While I came back quite a bit earlier than anticipated, I still returned with six weeks-worth of cultural observations and fun stories. ======================== 10 Random Observations from B. They think they’re doing you a favor by speaking in your native language, but they’re actually handicapping your ability to learn.

This post contains the experiences that I think you all will find to be the most entertaining. Ironically, it’s your English that actually gets worse as a result of these interactions, as you’re constantly having to dumb it down so it makes sense to them.

Make happy, I love the life and enjoy the small things.

I like the family, my children are independent and I need to form a part of a united family.

There are no marketing musings to be found here; just a self-indulgent post with some fun travel tales. The best way to counter this, which I discovered way too late, is to reply back in rapid, slang-riddled English.

This map is actually better than Google Maps, for Buenos Aires anyways.

I would like to spend my free time traveling or dancing with a very special lady by my side.

I’d been wanting to take a break from the States for a long time, had met my travel budgetary goal months prior, and all of my work could be done remotely. I bought a RT ticket to depart on September 15th, with a December 12th return date. I actually ended up writing this post from Denver and San Francisco, as I had to come back six weeks early for the upcoming book launch. ======================== (1) If you’re trying to practice Spanish, a lot of Argentines will notice your accent / poor pronunciation and start speaking back to you in their broken English.

There’s another Milhouse on Avenida de Mayo but it’s not as good. (5) If you’re looking to rent an apartment, get one in Palermo Hollywood or Palermo Soho.

(b) If you need a nice hostel that’s quiet and will help you relax, check out Portal del Sur just down the street. Lots of awesome restaurants nearby and really fun nightlife.