Dating antique stained glass

When cleaning out the attic or basement, have you ever come across an old book or trunk and wondered if there was any value to it today?

Many antique pieces are worth quite a bit today, but there are some rules of thumb that you can use to guide you in how the antique value is determined.

The seraph, one of the six-winged angels that were thought to stand in the presence of God, is frighteningly formal, with thick strokes of black vitreous paint used to render its commanding eyes and facial features.

Vitreous paint is paint that contains tiny glass particles mixed in a liquid.

In fact, in these days of smart phones, you can subtly do your research there and then – reducing your time and costs by avoiding repeat visits.

Books from their first print run are very valuable as are paintings that are signed by the original painter.

Jewelry that has the designer’s mark on it somewhere is always a good sign of antique value, as is a piece of furniture that has the artisan’s markings on the bottom or inside of the piece.

Some glassware will have value if it has the name of the factory of origin on it.

Having a very old antique can have also notch up the price, even without markings if it is made in a particular manner.