Dating and marriage in the elizabethan era

Couples who paid for a license and testified that there were no obstacles to their union still had to wait one month before they could be married. Consequentially, a culture of clandestine marriage emerged.

The ‘Fleet marriage’ was so named because the Fleet prison in London offered the venue; as a prison it claimed to be independent of church marriage strictures, and rapid – or secret – marriages could be carried out.

He explores the tension, in Shakespeare’s plays, between the old order, in which fathers chose their daughters’ husbands, and the new order based on mutual love, but still plagued by the threat of infidelity.

) but courtship and weddings are very much on the minds of the Maids of Honor.

In Meg’s book, MAID OF SECRETS, Meg is absolutely determined not to marry.

Only among the nobility would you typically find marriages between much younger parties.

Particularly amongthe nobility, but even down through the middle and lower classes, marriages were arranged between families for mutual enrichment, to stabilize a family line, or by common acceptance that “of course these two families’ children will marry.” It was a situation that proved particularly challenging for women, as women were considered just slightly more important than cattle during this era (a mild exaggeration, but still).