Dating and bad raps

I’m like Gnarls Barkley meets Charles Barkley.” Comment: It sounds like Kanye is implying that he went from scholarly and awkward to suave and famous. Song Name: “Push”Rapper: Pharoahe Monch Year: 2007 Lyric:“My accurate jabs connect like rotary Make you notice me, Be like, ‘Damn, dudes on some totally When he rides the bass line like Ginobili’.” Comment: Crazy double meaning of the bass line. right up to Penn Station.” Comment: Anthony Mason had everything from "In God’s Hands" to "Knicks # 14" cut into his hair.You think Dwyane Wade ever watched A Different World? What if they switched roles, could Ginobili ride a rap bass line? Song Name: “B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak”Rapper: Beastie Boys Year: 1994 Lyric:“I get my hair cut correct like Anthony Mason, Then I ride the I. I think he even had his complete current regular season stats carved in there one year.It is therefore fitting that he makes it onto the list with this Webber line.

Song Name: “Heard ‘Em Say”Rapper: Kanye West Year: 2005 Lyric:“And I heard em say, nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today From the Chi, like Tim it’s a harda way.” Comment: Amazing wordplay with Chicago (Kanye’s hometown) native Tim Hardaway’s last name.Rappers have been linked to basketball ever since the earliest days of hip-hop when giants like Run-DMC and Kurtis Blow blessed the mic with hoops related lyrics.Nowadays, the NBA and rap go together like groupies and 80s hair bands.Now you’re poking me in the eye, Bill Laimbeer muthaf***** it’s time for you to die” Comment: From the late 80s to the early 90s, anybody anywhere in America who fouled a player on the court was referred to as Laimbeer. Song Name: “Street Dreams”Rapper: Nas Year: 1996 Lyric: “She got me back livin’ sweeter, fresh Caeser Guess, David Robinsons, Wally moccasins.” Comment: The song which took the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” and famously flipped it to “Street Dreams” contains this lyric which rhymes Robinsons and moccasins. I wonder if David Robinson owns a pair of moccasins? Song Name: “Pump It Up (Remix)”Rapper: Jay-ZYear: 2003 Lyric:“I’m the Mike Jordan of the mic recordin’Hovi, baby you Kobemaybe Tracy Mc Grady Matter fact you a Harold Miner JR Rider, washed up on marijuana Even worse you a Pervis Ellison You worthless fella You aint no athlete, you Shawn Bradley” Comment: I love how the quality of player gets worse and worse as the rap progresses.He was like a walking domestic dispute on the court and probably racked up more fouls than made-shots over the course of his career. Poor Shawn Bradley, he had the girth of an unstrung guitar neck.