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A military brat may personally know another child or teenager, or even a few other peers, whose parents have become war casualties (wounded or killed).

A significant minority of ex-military brats may exhibit symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, etc.

Studies show that growing up immersed in military culture can have long-lasting effects on children, both in positive and also some negative ways.

Base gate and checkpoint at the since-closed Amarillo AFB.

Life inside of military bases differs significantly from the civilian world, giving many military brats a feeling of difference from civilian culture.

While the general public uses the term "base" to refer any military installation, within the US military the term "base" primarily applies to Air Force or Navy installations while Army installations are called "posts." Military brats grow up moving from base to base as they follow their parent or parents to new assignments.

Military brats have been studied extensively, both from the perspective of social psychology and as a distinct and unique American subculture, although less so in terms of long-term impact of the lifestyle.Sometimes living on base, sometimes off, the base in both cases is often the center of military brat life, where shopping, recreation, schools and the military community form a string of temporary towns for military brats as they grow up.It is widely experienced as being pervaded by military cultural norms and expectations, as well as the presence of military police or their other military security forces equivalents, armed guards, high security zones and some degree of surveillance.For example, time is measured in 24-hour rather than 12-hour segments as in the civilian world, and distances, primarily on stateside Army bases or on many U. bases of all services overseas, often described in meters and kilometers (or "Clicks" in military slang) instead of yards or miles.These feelings of difference can also be made more complex by virtue of having absorbed varying degrees of overseas cultures and also different regional American cultures while living in different places as a part of the military brat lifestyle.