Dating advice and stories for teens

Case in point: Though Ann Landers (real name Eppie Lederer) would have plenty of time to update her views throughout her half-century career, her 1961 book excerpted in LIFE magazine for the benefit of curious teens and fretful parents—took such a firm stance on teenage lust that it could read as parody today.

When the topic on which you’re dispensing advice is sex, that risk is magnified exponentially.Don’t just sit around with nothing special to do or, even worse, ride around with no destination.Teen-agers should bowl, swim, play tennis, golf, visit museums and art galleries, attend concerts and sports events.“There is no point in wasting my time or the time of the students by pretending they are wide-eyed innocents,” she wrote. I let them know at the outset that I didn’t come to criticize, preach or threaten them.I’m there to discuss their problems, openly and honestly.” Here are the highlights of her guidance: Rules to keep necking under control: “If you are seeing a lot of a certain someone, have a planned program of activity.