Dating according to gods standards

A biblical definition and understanding of love is vital in a dating relationship that has as its one goal the glory of God with an eye on marriage.In the Greek language we can identify three words for love.Such can be the feelings of a young woman for a young man who opens the door for her, listens to her, and buys nice things for her.The third word for love we must understand is “agape.” This is the strongest word for love in Scripture (often translated as “charity” in the KJV) and the only word used for God’s love. Love in dating and marriage is first of all seen as lust and attraction based on how “hot” he or she is.The last step is a more intimate relationship that might lead to marriage.

This means that desires for sex, romance, and fulfillment in a relationship will not rule my life.

Within marriage, physical closeness is a way a husband and wife show love to each other, but this is not the beginning or chief idea of love.

The second word in the Greek language we need to identify is “phileo,” which means “brotherly love.” This word identifies the feelings and emotions that are part of love. Feelings of love are the powerful emotions that one has for another person, feelings that are like the swift, raging current of the Colorado River in the springtime, rapidly carrying white-water rafters.

In marriage, love is a decision, a conscious, deliberate decision to love the spouse God has given.

In marriage, love is a life-long commitment in which a husband and wife promise before God, family, and friends to love each other. We will have more to say about this in the next article.