Dating a workaholic girl

So when you think about the anxiety you’re getting from being away from your boyfriend, it’s merely your perception of the situation you’re creating subconsciously.

Take a deep breath and create a schedule that you enjoy that aligns with you partner.

Understand what his own schedule looks like so you can contact him accordingly.

He’ll love that you’re respecting his space and will appreciate you much more.

More or less there’s absolutely nothing wrong, in fact everything is right.

You just need some advice on how to date a busy man.

Get out of the house, get off of Facebook and other social media platforms and find something fun to do.

Go on Craigslist and search the community section for fun activities. Depending on the love of someone else to feel complete is bad because eventually they will let you down.

are all clear signs of a super needy and mildly controlling girlfriend. What they do like instead are confident women who are self sufficient in their own life.

(Yes, it’s okay to love what you do.)There should always be a designated time for the two of you to come back and share what’s been going on in each others lives. For example: find a day that the two of you have off and focus on spending that time with each other.

Go to the movies, hang out at the park, walk the dogs, grab dinner, grab a couples massage together, etc.

It’s important that you let your boyfriend know that you support him.

Many times women will say “I support you” but in all actuality it means nothing if you can’t stand being alone.