Dating a married man who is getting divorced globalliquidating com

'I started to feel that I had rushed into divorce, and I'd made the wrong decision. 'When you are married, you imagine that life must be more exciting single.You think that you might meet someone who will make your heart beat faster again.Ultimately, though, while I didn't appreciate it at the time, I look back and see we had a great life together.We both had jobs we enjoyed, holidays and two gorgeous daughters.' Billy and Linda's silver wedding anniversary was held in style - a party in a nearby hotel with a buffet for 150 people.'But the reality was that there were few men I fancied, and those I dated were not a patch on Billy. It made me appreciate that Billy was much more thoughtful than I'd realised.'I also didn't realise how much I would miss those routine things in marriage, such as sharing a meal or having a cup of tea in bed.It seemed my life was taken up with doing things for everyone else.'But when I tried to discuss it with Billy, he didn't seem to understand.

I felt I was growing old and there was simply nothing to look forward to.That's why divorces can take years to get over.' Indeed, Linda Clements confesses that she spent seven years trying to make her single life work before she was able to tell ex-husband Billy her feelings.'And I was incredibly fortunate that he hadn't been able to get over me too,' she says.Those everyday routines stabilise life and make it happy.' It was finally at a family barbecue held by their youngest daughter in the summer of 2008 that they began talking.'Up until then we'd only seen each other once or twice since our divorce.