Dating a married gemini man

There's a soul need to travel light, to experience life from many angles.Gemini man then has a bit of the dabbler in him, and the desire to sample from the smorgasbord of life.But it's the nature of Gemini to sift and sort, and rearrange the picture.To share a rapport with him, you'll need to be a free thinker, willing to see things from many angles.

He'll come up with new things to do, but if you are hooked up, it doubles the fun.

But don't worry, this article will teach you how to date a Gemini with ease.

Enthusiastic, charming and clever the Gemini man is good at almost anything he puts his mind to, and can make anyone laugh.

Gemini's are anxious though, with high strung nervous systems.

You might detect that a Gemini likes you if his nervous tick is activated.