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After fighting and talking and fighting some more, we were exactly where we started – in a long distance relationship.

And we still are today – more than one year after he moved out to California.

Surely, you realize that a “yes” to any of these questions is a good indication that it makes more sense to try to make your relationship work rather than give it all up without a fight. It’s difficult, painful and absolutely frustrating, but it’s also rewarding and a pretty good test to whether you two are compatible.College students deal with this problem all the time (nearly 50 percent of them, by some estimates), as do young professionals, whose work and career goals might require geographic mobility.Despite the potential hardships, not all couples consider exactly how the transition to long distance will affect their partnership.In other words, the researchers wanted to know what makes a long-distance relationship . Predictors of positive relationship Outcomes in long-distance dating relationships. My experience of a 4-year long distance relationship across countries is that the level of conversation gets deeper.What are the major factors that impact important facets of a relationship like commitment, intimacy, and good communication? They suggest that certain objective factors and subjective relationship judgments promote healthier long-distance relationships. Chatting over Skype could not have sustained over all these years had we only engaged in small talk.