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We're really, Did you get caught in the wind and rain this morning?! We couldn't decide which Rimmel lipstick to buy in Boots; it's harder than trying to pick a dinner spot with friends, or a film on Netflix. If you really want to impress us, buy us the new limited edition Chanel nail polish. We'll be online frantically filling our basket, like you would with Glasto tickets. We'll talk about nail polish names, not shades, as standard. Do you like my Tart With A Heart / I Have A Herring Problem / Bikini So Teeny?

Come and see us for a blow dry to sort your hair out for the weekend! The back of our hands might be multicoloured at times...

And we spent as long doing it as our Saturday night face.14. Don't bother saying you prefer us without fake tan. Our fridge is full of more beauty products than milk etc.

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Her diary entries were by turns heartbreaking and hilarious." Having kicked her habit, Hannah returned to Llanelli in the run-up to her 16th birthday.#georgenorthwood #bethereorhavebadhair #blowdry #london #marykateolsen A post shared by George Northwood (@georgenorthwood) on 4. We might try and squeeze your spots (or file your nails). We decided to get Hannah away from Llanelli and suggested she come and stay with me in London."Even with my background, helping my own niece overcome her drug habit was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. "We'd laugh and cry on the sofa reading some of Hannahs diary entries.