Dating a friends sister

And she can be your go-to for finding those super-cute baby videos.

Whatever it is, his sis is a direct connection to his childhood, and to the memories he'd never be willing to share himself.

Now she's not a small child any more, but a beautiful woman and you want to ask your friends' sister on a date. We want to have the object of attraction near us, but sometimes it seems to be out of reach, like with your friend's sister.

Either way, building a friendship with your boyfriend's sister from the beginning can feel just as important as earning his parents' approval.

If you're lucky, the two of you will get along right off the bat, and you can let out a sigh of relief.

If you're Of course, your boyfriend will appreciate your kindness and camaraderie, but the bond between you and your BF's sister can be a major plus anytime you need the following support: Unexpected overnights or spontaneous pool days at your boyfriend's house mean you may be looking for a change of clothes.

Hopefully, his sister will be there to lend you a pair of gym shorts, a tank, etc.

Because in some cases, your guy's over-sized sweats just won't do the trick.