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Their military analysts also believe that an assault from such a force would overwhelm Israel's defenses.) 6.

One way to do that is to update weapon systems; secure an air base in Saudi Arabia that would suggest a staging ground for an eventual attack, then "leak" the word to the media that their are eminent plans to carry out a bombing raid and do everything possible to persuade the world they mean business.) 9.

At the same time, a separate sensitive source added that the European security services are concerned that this brinksmanship could lead to missteps that could, in turn, lead to a regional war.

The oil-exporting Islamic republic is virtually a single-crop economy, and imposition of a tight blockade against Iranian oil sales will undoubtedly induce in Teheran a prompt revaluation of the utility of even indirect terrorist tactics." 7.

One particular source states that the British and French Intelligence services believe that their Israeli counterparts are convinced that there is a positive side to the civil war in Syria; if the Assad regime topples, Iran would lose its only ally in the Middle East and would be isolated.