D link wireless router validating identity

: Sitecom 300N Wireless USB adapte r X3 WL-345 Indirizzo fisico.

: S Configurazione automatica abilitata : S Indirizzo IP configurazione automatica: Subnet mask .

In any event I am finding that after rebooting the WPA2 code is no longer there and it has reverted back to Open WEP.

I also tried the option: Network And Internet -- Add a wireless device to the network but again nothing is found I downloaded this: and nothing seems to have changed.

After initially setting up the Win 7 laptop, in the case of the others I was asked for the security code and the connection was duly established.

I am now trying to connect a friend's laptop, it is an ageing Toshiba Satellite M70-215 and from what I have been able to gather it is running Service Pack 2 and has only 512 MB RAM.

Once this is back in place though, (if you match your old stettings exactly) your other machines should connect back up without a problem I can connect to the Internet via Ethernet although it is very quirky, for some reason I can't get through to the Microsoft site although it's not listed as being blocked, I even placed it amongst the trusted sites but it makes no difference, I want to download SP3 but so far it's simply not possible.

I then tried installing the supplied Sitecom N adapter, after some problems the network appears but I can't connect, I am told "Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you onto the network" I read several threads that led me to uncheck "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" and I actually managed to enter the WPA2 code but this just leads to the message "This connection has limited or no connectivity" and "validating identity".

: S Configurazione automatica abilitata : S Indirizzo IP.

: venerd 6 agosto 2010 Scheda Ethernet Connessione rete senza fili 3: Suffisso DNS specifico per connessione: Descrizione .

I tried to connect to the LAN using Ethernet (again after updating the driver), although I am apparently connected I can't reach the Internet and can't see what settings might need tweaking.

I am fast running out of ideas and wonder whether the laptop's wireless capabilities simply aren't up to it?