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Advocates are trying to change that, in part by pushing a Congressional bill that would make nonconsensual porn a federal crime.

But there are obstacles at every corner, from the technological challenges of fully removing anything from the internet, to the attitude of law enforcement, to the very real concerns over legislation that could restrict free speech.

Last year, Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones was hacked and her nude pictures were spread online.

In 2014, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities were hacked and leaked in one of the biggest nonconsensual porn cases to date.

In the meantime, victims live in fear of becoming a 21st century version of Hester Prynne.

“I have to accept at this point that it’s going to continue to follow me,” Jefts says.

And its rapid spread has left law enforcement, tech companies and officials scrambling to catch up.

When evidence lives in the cloud and many laws are stuck in the pre-smartphone era, nonconsensual porn presents a legal nightmare: it’s easy to disseminate and nearly impossible to punish.

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Roughly two dozen service members have been investigated since the scandal broke in January, leading the Marines to formally ban nonconsensual porn in April.

”It’s kind of like having an incurable disease.” Jefts never thought of herself as the kind of person who would send nude photos.

She is circumspect and professional–-and acutely aware of the power of images.

But then she met a man who lived an ocean away, and quickly fell in love.

Skype was critical to keeping the relationship alive, and the pair often sent each other photos and videochatted in ways that sometimes became sexual.