Customer configuration updating

As most people are doing App-V integration in Configuration Manager and exploring the possibilities , they ran into some challenges I believe are critical and needs to be solved in a certain way .

What the correct way is , I leave that up to the smart engineering guy’s in Redmond .

To resolve the issue, for the Win PE phase, the steps from KB971436 need to be added to the Task Sequence.

For deployments from Operating System Images, a registry key value will need to be updated with the correct SAN policy value as shown below: Just after the step where you apply the image, create a “Run Command line called :”load system hive” and execute :” reg load HKUtemp "%OSPART%\Windows System32Config System"” Just after the step where you apply the “Run Command line called :”load system hive”, create a “Run Command line called :”Change Default SAN policy” and execute :”reg add HKUtemp Control Set001HKLMSystem Current Control Set Servicespartmgr Parameters /v San Policy /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f” Just after the step where you apply the “Run Command line called :”Change Default SAN policy”, create a “Run Command line called :”Unload system hive” and execute :”reg unload HKUTEMP” Next phase is to make sure that no drives will remain offline and all drives will still have the right driveletters assigned .

Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 2627, severity 14: [23000][2627][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘SUM_Driver Updates_PK’. So I needed to setup an NDES server with a separate Subordinate CA for MDM , NDES Server and SCCM Certificate Registration Point (CRP).

The duplicate key value is (d8483f4f-0390-49db-b251-faf884dd8eafin 1702, certificates, CM12 R2 SP1, Config Mgr 2012 R2 SP1, Config Mgr CB, Configmgr Current Branch, CRL, EMS, Enterprise Mobility Suite, error 500, intune, Intune Standalone, ndes, NDES Connector, Windows Intune, Windws Intune by Kenny Buntinx [MVP] I was doing a EMS POC and deployment of certificates on mobile devices was a requirement.

However as usual there are only 48 hours in a day If you attended our session “Sequencing applications with App-V 5.1 – Best Practices Edition”, Roy Essers and me showed you the latest techniques to prepare and analyze to virtualize apps using the latest version of Microsoft App-V.

One of those best practices techniques is to prepare your sequencer the automated way : Another App-V MVP called Dan Gough originally created this script , but it wasn’t really a good solution in our eyes.

We showed a strong business case around the Application model in CM12 SP1 and using App-V 5.0 to do user-based software targeting.

The reason for that , was that it uses modules from chocolatey and boxstarter directly of the internet and we didn’t trust the big bad cloudy internet.

Anyone could change the source code and inject malicious code anytime .

Big deal I thought as I did it a already multiple times.

At my customer we worked close with the server team and setup the infrastructure which was working fine at first sight. The computer must have the private key for the certificate AND 5.