Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

My main problem with this is that every single school would be doing different things, and not only school to school but year to year as teachers left or enthusiasm waxed and waned.

Learning becomes ephemeral rather than systematic, with false weight attached to particular elements of a subject in order to meet the requirements of the cross-curricular Big Idea.

Education Scotland will work with teachers to tailor their teaching to the needs of their pupils while also developing course materials for the National 4 and 5 qualifications which will be distributed to schools.

These materials will be for every subject and will be distributed to schools in advance of the commencement of the new qualifications in 2013/14.

The overwhelming message from Scotland's secondary teachers is that currently they do not feel confident regarding their school's state of readiness to deliver the senior phase of Cf E , particularly the new National qualifications, on the current timetable.Many Directors of Education may genuinely believe they are well placed to deliver the new qualifications because head teachers tell them that is the case.Head teachers either don't know or won't admit that they really don't know if their school is or is not."As far as I'm aware curriculum means a course of study over a variety of subjects, and for most people this is understood as a national curriculum which children in Primary and up to the end of the second year/ third year in Secondary will all follow, at which point they will choose options .As I understand it one of the big ideas of Cf E is a Broad General Education ( BGE) meaning that pupils would experience the whole range of subjects as they're supposed to do in S1 and S2 right through to the end of S3 at which point they would choose their options for S4 and be tracked into either National 4 or National 5.This means, of course, that our S3s who have started the new session have already begun the course that will lead to National 4/ 5 and any new coursework materials which arrive in 2013 may lead to changes of emphasis. We are offering more choice and more service in the shape of support whilst at the same time having our conditions and pay reduced in real terms.

Curriculum excellence developing consolidating