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That alone has riled some in the hard-core chiptune community.In some cases, though, artists are resorting to outright theft.When people in the photos found themselves plastered around the city without their permission, they were understandably upset — which is why the laws protecting people are in place to begin with.Now, I’ll admit, this is one rule that gets regularly ignored — but that doesn’t change the law, and it seems if you were plastering someone’s image on bus stops everywhere, you’d be more than typically cautious.(See discussion on Creative Commons’ site.) That case was similar to this one: 1. They simply assumed the CC-licensed stuff was "free" and violated specifics of the license. A CC license doesn’t mean you’re magically above the law.In Virgin’s case, the bigger problem was that the CC license doesn’t excuse you from the need to get a model release, legal permission to use someone’s image.

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Here is crystal’s track: Insecticon and here is lo-bat’s My Little Droid Needs a Hand Even tho the original track has been pitched down and chopped, there is no doubt it’s the same. The license specifies that the track can be used, remixed and transformed under the following conditions: 1- Attribution. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one In this case, non of the points have been respected.

(See EM411 story, Wikipedia article.) But Timbaland isn’t alone.

At least Timbaland was using a sample; some artists steal whole songs outright.

(See also: an ongoing thread on ) The latest episode combines 8-bit musical plagiarism with an abuse of Creative Commons licenses.

Crystal Castles is a Toronto-based band that’s gotten quite a lot of positive press for their use of 8-bit sounds, including a keyboard with an Atari chip.