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The word ‘crazy’ (along with hysterical and needy) is used to undermine a person’s feelings.And the less you listen to a person when they are talking about their feelings and their needs, the worse you make it.It’s not impossible that everyone this person has ever dated was insane. Not because I was a crazy obsessive, but because I knew it would mean less time together. Sometimes, yes I was emotional, or needy, or overwrought.Spicy person deliberately sleeps with elegant lover in hurt free sex webcam.Naughty bitch selfishly shattered by protective babe in harsh online sex cam.As a general rule, a person does not tend to have more than one genuinely ‘crazy’ ex. From personal experience, every relationship that I’ve been in where I’ve acted even the tiniest bit ‘crazy’ hasn’t been because I’m actually unhinged. Only being allowed to see him for one weekend a month and one weeknight a week also made me clingy and precious about our time together.The same goes for people who say that every boss they’ve ever worked for has been evil, or every landlord they’ve ever had is unreasonable. It’s been because being treated badly makes people ‘crazy.’ Crazy, wasn’t my ex’s favourite choice of word for me. If the dates got cancelled or changed I would be in floods of tears.

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I was ‘mental’ for being upset that he stood me up.

I was ‘bipolar’ for being annoyed that he didn’t want me to meet his friends or family.

When I confronted him he called me a psycho for going through his phone’ Rachel, 31 told me.

There’s no limit to the number of things that will cause a person to accuse their partner of being unbalanced.