Consolidating credit cards with bad credit

SEE: Comparing Credit Card Companies Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic There is still a sizable amount of the population with no credit cards.

The original appeal of credit cards was the ability to make purchases without carrying cash (that could be stolen) and the protection against unauthorized purchases. In short, credit cards aren't necessary, but they are useful.

Among credit card owners, the average is 3.7 cards.

For many people, credit cards have become a part of everyday life.

Somebody decided to change the definition of credit and made consumers feel that buying on credit was less like a high-interest loan and more like an increase in disposable income.

Unfortunately, no one told the general public about this change, and many consumers were duped into believing they were gaining buying power when they signed up - not more debt. Instead of giving up the game, credit card companies introduced exclusive benefits and wormed their way into the ominous sounding, "credit rating report".

Consolidating credit cards with bad credit