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There are no Regulations for APMS contracts but the form of these contracts usually follows the GMS/PMS model, with amendments made to the model as required.

The current definitions of what are and are not “primary medical services” for the purposes of section 83 are contained within the GMS Regulations.

This chapter seeks to identify which medical services GP Practices are obliged to provide as part of NHS funded treatment and where a GP is entitled to refer a patient to another NHS provider.

Section 83 of the National Health Service Act 2006“The Board” in the above section is a reference to the National Health Service Commissioning Board, known as NHS England.

The contractual duty is to provide services to patients Thus a GP practice is obliged to see and offer a management services to a patient who believes himself or herself to be ill even if that person is not, in fact, suffering from any diagnosable illness.

These Regulations define the services that those delivering primary care within the NHS are obliged to provide.

These definitions take effect as terms of practice contracts with NHS England held by GP practices.

(2) Subject to regulation 20, a contractor must provide the services described in paragraphs (3) and (5) throughout the core hours.

(3) The services described in this paragraph are services required for the management of its registered patients and temporary residents who are, or believe themselves to be— (a) ill, with conditions from which recovery is generally expected; (b) terminally ill; or (c) suffering from chronic disease, delivered in the manner determined by the practice in discussion with the patient.