Conflict dating relationships

This also leads to much better apologies in the future — you are both taking the time to understand the problem first and how you can act differently in the future.2.

You and your partner disagree about "big things" (career, money, health).

Imagine you had a challenging day at work and feel frustrated by what happened.

When you arrive home, you're pretty irritable and, before you even set your bag down, your spouse asks you to do something you don't want to do. To blow up at him in frustration, because the feelings you've been holding onto all day now have a safe place to erupt.

"You can say what feels natural for you; but the reason I recommend this is because people usually have a reason why they've done or said something.

When you address your partner with thoughtful questions, it's much easier to see where communication broke down, and to proceed with resolving the conflict fairly and productively.

So today, I'm going to equip you with some ideas for what to do and say during the three most common relationship conflicts you're bound to experience … Your partner is making you feel angry or disappointed.

All it takes is putting one brave step forward and showing your partner that you're ready and willing to understand them and come out better on the other side.Relationships add a new level of complexity to our already-complicated lives.And even the best relationship can prove complicated terrain to navigate.We all make mistakes, we do things that don't align with our values, and we say things we don't mean, especially in the heat of the moment. Then, you can say something like this: "I feel very upset right now.When you said or did 'X,' it really hurt me because 'Y.' Do you mind if I ask you a few questions so I can better understand where you're coming from?