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’ Even worse, I heard a woman whisper to her daughter as she walked past, ‘See that, now that’s the kind of girl you don’t want to grow up to be’.” – Emily Cartell, 19, Pennsylvania State University “I never truly understood the definition of the term ‘beer goggles’ until the night I experienced them first hand for myself.

I was relieved when I rolled over to find it was the guy I had been flirting with all semester and he was very cute.Trying to not look like a jerk, I went around the room looking for anything I could to find out what her name was.I saw her purse lying on the table so I started looking through it to find her wallet.It was super embarrassing so I just left and went back to my dorms immediately.” — Ashley Olmsted, Digipen Institute of Technology junior “My housemates and I threw a party and, needless to say, all of us got hammered.This girl and I started talking, one thing led to another and we eventually went to my room where we attempted to do the dirty.