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This adds to the intrigue and richness of the house, in the manner of many traditional Irish houses where private or service routes were kept separate from the formal world of the house.

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The formal rooms of the house occupy three levels facing south.The extraordinary find has been likened by the expert who verified it to “Indiana Jones being presented with the Lost Ark” – a trail that began in Tsarist Russia and ended in the kitchen of a house in the American Mid West overlooking a branch of Dunkin’ Donuts.It was spotted by a dealer who bought and sold gold for scrap value.The result was a Telegraph article published a year earlier, featuring a picture of his egg and the title: “Is this £20 million nest-egg on your mantelpiece?” The dealer – who wishes to remain anonymous, given his newfound wealth – contacted the Fabergé expert named in the article, Kieran Mc Carthy of Mayfair jeweller Wartski.