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Adnan was convicted of killing Hae in 1999, and after serving 16 years in prison he was granted a new trial thanks, in part, to the publicity and popularity of the show.

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Chisako Kakehi, 70, is charged with murdering her husband-of-one-month and two partners - all elderly wealthy men - by giving them drinks laced with cyanide between 20.

Coach Sye told investigators Adnan was definitely at track practice on time on a day during Ramadan when the temperature was over 50 degrees.

Looking at the calendar and weather records from 1999, you can see that January 13 is the only possible day that fits that description.

However, if you've listened to the entirety of the podcast, you know there is also very strong evidence Adnan did not commit this murder.

Most important fact is Adnan has two alibi witnesses for January 13, the day of the murder: Asia Mc Clain and Coach Sye.