Cmt dating reality show

I always say the Lord took me 2,000 miles to meet someone that lived 45 minutes from me in Alabama." It was during those four months, Kelsey says, that she realized she was in love with Collin.For Collin, it was clear Kelsey was the one from the moment he met her.Kelsey Smith Varallo has Sweet Home Alabama to thank for her marriage to Collin Varallo.But it's not exactly what you think: The two met back in 2013 when Kelsey was the bachelorette on CMT's reality dating show, "Sweet Home Alabama," where she had to pick a winner from 22 men--11 from the country and 11 from big cities.She got rid of the straps, cut out the lining in the mid-section to create a see-through look, and created a custom lace neckpiece to complement the dress.

The couple's ceremony was held in a cow field, but Kelsey spruced it up with wooden benches on either side of the aisle, which was lined with lanterns hanging from greenery-wrapped poles.Over the next four months, before the show's finale aired in January, the new couple dated long distance and in secret."It was almost like an old-fashioned relationship," Kelsey remembers."We truly could do nothing but sit at home and stare at each other.I think that made us really close--just being forced to stay in together.