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Qingping Medicine Market Guangzhou's biggest medicinal market is like a look back at the old apothecaries of yesteryear, so long as you can handle the smell of all those dried seahorse and hedgehog hides.Selling stuff that isn't quite medicine in massive quantities, we doubt you'd like to try any of it, but it'll make for some nice photos to show everyone back home.For most of the markets, your best bet is to go in the morning (most places open at 10am), armed with your best haggling skills and a secure grasp of your Chinese numbers.Some sellers can be unscrupulous in attempting to overcharge you - a chess set they want you to pay 900RMB for can end up being bargained down to 25RMB.Clothing and footwear distributed via this market complex are exported to locations outside of China.The following markets located in this complex sell predominantly counterfeit clothing and footwear in wholesale quantities for export to foreign markets." The markets located here are Jin Bao Garment Market, Jinshun Garment Market ("nearly every shop in this market reportedly sells counterfeit goods") and Jiulong Show Market ("an estimated 70 percent of the footwear offered for sale in this market is counterfeit").

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Beijing Road This is one of the best known fake markets, with the gift market where you can find everything from pipes to backwards clocks to glow in the dark phone covers and a few shoe markets.You can also take broken phones and laptops here to get them fixed.Zhongda Fabric Market One of the largest fabric wholemarkets in China, Zhongda Fabric Market is your starting point for buttons, beads and materials.Note to those who wear ladies shoes: You're not going to find anything bigger than a size 39 (UK size 5, US size 7.5) Huimei Clothing Market Also in the Guangzhou Railway Station area, Huimei market is accessories central.If all those teen movies where set in China, this is where the cast would hang out at the weekend.