Citect not updating tags

Love these jobs - have automated base load power stations and many other interesting jobs over the years - and people wonder why I do not want to retire! As a start, follow this general guide for upgrading to 7.2, which is still quite applicable to your situation even if it's not completely updated for 7.4: was going to ask you what sort of errors you are getting but at a guess they are probably something like errors to do with the lack of clusters and other features introduced between 6.1 to 7.4.

Having too much fun and would be bored senseless in retirement. Chances are your 4 errors should be pretty easy to fix, but the problem is fixing them will probably create another 500 compile errors that you will have to look at.

This means that you only have to define tag information once when you program your I/O Devices.

You do not have to re-enter the same information again in variable database - linked tags and non-linked tags.

Citect is a redundant system running on two HP DL360 Servers with Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit Any advice at this time is most welcome.

, you can import, or link to, every the tag in an external data source.

V7.3 is so much better than the older versions it is not funny.

I do not believe V6.1 will run on Windows 7 either - too many issues. I have seen it Geoff but do not have a use for it at the moment.

I have used Kepware extensively in the past without issue.

The initial go-live with the new version of Citect, presented issues of data change being slow and tags not updating as they should.

Just finished a project (a chemical processing plant) using this feature for all the motors, valves, tanks, etc and certainly made the job much easier. Hi Bro I might need your help on this, I'm currently using the CItect Ver7.4 with Window OS: Window 7 prof.

If you need to modify the template then you just rebuild the equipment database and Citect handles updating all the tags, alarms trends. The best way of doing this is to set-up the version you want to use on a test system or VM and import the old project, there will be lots of deprecated functions and you will need to take care of the clustering functions but in essence it will work with a bit of planning and configuration.