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Veronika is a lonely character, but also a selfish one, and it’s tremendously refreshing how dedicated Gellar becomes in delivering the reality of the character without sugar-coating the ugliness.She doesn’t try to create a heroine, just a fleshed-out human being who has convinced herself that life is nothing but a depressing field of emptiness.” “Lisa is highly skilled at helping to restore hope and reinvigorate daters who were ready to call it quits! This is an excellent film, but only if, when you get to the scene (about 49 minutes in) where Lee Pace's character wakes from a bad dream, you stop watching and immediately switch to the alternate ending provided in the Special Features Featurette section.Today Lisa is a certified life and relationship coach who has combined her wealth of experience and training to create “Naked Dating”—a breakthrough coaching system that will help you: • Express your needs without sounding needy• Get to “I am” before you get to “I do”• Attract a fabulous man—even in LA!• Trust your intuition, not your checklist• Find love at any age online• Date online without going insane• Discover secret strategies for meeting quality men• Share your head before you share your bed• Flirt at any age without feeling foolish Lisa Shield has a Master's in Spiritual Psychology and has studied extensively with author, Don Miguel Ruiz.I am a better sister, daughter, friend and partner because of it.” “After just a few coaching sessions with Lisa, I realized a dramatic shift that gave me much more confidence when interacting with women.I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to take their dating or relationship to the next level!

Single and frustrated at forty, Lisa went on nearly 100 dates over two years - and met and married the love of her life.Most of that problem involves the unfortunate ending which somehow got attached to the main film on the DVD.Someone in the special features talks about the film and asserts that the question it asks is: How far will you go for love?Call for a complimentary, no-obligation sample coaching session and see what Lisa can do for you! For more information on Lisa Shield, please visit: : “Coaching with Lisa has helped improve every relationship in my life—friends, family, coworkers and significant others.