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The acknowledgements tear down the fourth wall when Castle includes some very familiar names (including Stana's & Nathan's), and the "About The Author" blurb features a rather amusing clue as to who the book's authors really were.Unfortunately, it didn't take long before I stopped grinning and started groaning instead. The writers were clearly trying to mimic the hard-boiled writing style of Raymond Chandler and Michael Connelly, but the prose is often just dull in the best moments, and downright awful in the worst. Anyone who has read more than ZERO mysteries will have no problem figuring out the solution long before Nikki Heat does.After reading "Heat Wave", I'm not surprised bookstores don't seem to be in any danger of selling out all their copies...At first glance, I thought I was in for a fun ride.There may be a little Nikki Heat in Kate Beckett, but there isn't nearly enough Kate Beckett in Nikki Heat :(That's not to say that the entire book is a failure.The action sequences are actually very well done, especially an exciting fight between Nikki and a brutal hit-man.

And then there's Chapter Ten...hardcore fans of "Castle" already know what I'm talking about!"I love the TV show "Castle", so I suspect reading this book by fictitious author Richard Castle will be a lot of fun!: D Although..just won't be the same not being able to SEE Beckett giving Castle the deadeye!DAVE'S FINAL JUDGMENT - THE DEFENSE - Occasionally the dialogue is clever - Fans of the show will get a big kick out of Chapter 10 - At under 200 pages, it's a quick read THE PROSECUTION - Uninspired prose - Main story is dull - The solution to the mystery is way too obvious - At under 200 pages, the book still manages to be too long THE VERDICT Little more than a lazy cash grab from the makers of "Castle".Die-hard fans of the show may find some enjoyment from this book, but even they would be better served by just watching the TV show instead.