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After I found out Cher was a possibility to star in the movie with me, I wouldn’t let Clint take no for an answer, in getting her to sign onto the film. How could you not learn from Cher with her work ethic and the way she commands attention when she walks into a room, but exudes such peaceful tranquility and love for everyone. Did you write a bunch of different versions of the songs, or did they come easily? Maybe there were a couple line tweaks after I’d ask Steven [Antin] if he wanted this or that.She just makes you feel warm and welcome and more inspired to do a better job because you want to step up to the plate. Have you ever shocked anybody with your voice, the way you do with Cher in this film?Ali Rose (Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice and big dreams.When she leaves her life behind and moves to Los Angeles, the wide-eyed young woman stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge and immediately becomes determined to bring her own singing and dancing talents to its musical revue.Even though it helped lead to your casting in this film, was “Saturday Night Live” a big risk for you, as far as doing live comedy?

It’s important for me to continue to work too, so that he can have an example of a strong woman in his life, and one that has her own passion, so that he can then have his own goals and dreams. But, I started recording that record before I went in to make the movie and, by the time I ended the movie and came out of it, I had to jump right into that record. I said, “Oh, my god, how am I going to memorize all of this at once? Some days, you’d have no dialogue and it was just about a walk or a look. I would do more or less studying the night before or the morning of, running lines.That actually was a little bit less strenuous than I thought it was going to be.I bruise easily, but I looked like I got in a car accident on some of the days after rehearsals. Clint [Culpepper] came up to me and said, “You’ve got to meet Cher. She’s rehearsing for her Vegas show.” And I was like, “Clint, you can’t put me on the spot like that. Just come meet her.” I was like, “But she’s so tall and I’m so short. During the production of this film, what were your girl talks with Cher like and what did you learn from her?I have sweat pants on and I’ve got my baby on my hip. It’s not going to be right.” I wanted to look good. I was like, “Okay, I’m just going to go and do this.” So, I went over with Max, my son, on my hip. Do whatever you need to do to get Cher to do this film with me because I can’t see anybody else being Tess.” He told her, “[Christina] loves you. AGUILERA: Priceless information and valuable stories for days. She’s been there and done everything, before any of us. I’m not sure who “I’m A Good Girl” is by, but I remember loving it from Crazy Horse in Paris. But, I wrote “Express,” “Bound to You,” the big ballad of the movie, and “Burlesque,” the finale. When you have a specific vision for something, you just go in and attack it.