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With this goal in mind, Paul talks about sexual immorality a lot — but often among other sins, such as greed, disobedience to parents, and idolatry.

In context, sexual purity is part of a greater lifestyle of righteousness that is fueled by our relationship with Christ and His grace poured out on us.

As a teen, I was not a stranger to the purity movement.

In fact, a search of "purity" on Christian turns up 709 products.

Maintaining sexual purity as a teen and young adult is a challenge.

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A lot of the apostle Paul's best purity stuff was written to those living in sexually decadent cultures.

I vividly remember a message on abstinence I heard as a teen.

In it, the speaker said, "Why would you want to have rushed sex in the back of a car? Now sex." While he does make a point on the potential quality of those two encounters, his implication was that if you save sex for marriage, your reward will be amazing sex with your spouse.

As Christ-followers, we know that adhering to God's ways is best for us.

And it’s true that there are many benefits to remaining chaste before marriage.