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And everywhere you go, it seems that everything lives and breathes with a healthy dose of British humor. Renowned for its rainy days and temperate climate, it stays warm enough year ‘round that you can enjoy the city and its boroughs during any time of the year.

It’s the perfect reason to take a date out on the town, exploring all those parts of London that you don’t have time to see on your own.

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I do enjoy meeting up with friends for an evening somewhere on the harbour..

Go ahead–go out and appreciate the lush, wet weather and the quirky personalities of other Londoners.

After all, the city is about the people who live in it, and no one would live there if the citizens weren’t worth being around.

Many tourists don’t know London’s history from ancient times to now, and if you’re a recent transplant to this fantastic city, you might want to do some research.

Don’t let those facts fool you into thinking that London is stuck in the past, however.

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In reality, this city is running ahead of the pack to bring innovation of all kinds to the entire world.

It’s one of the largest film production centres in the world, and it is even home to the world’s oldest public zoo (with animals, we mean, not people).