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A Phase 1b study of EYP001 is currently submitted in 4 countries and two new Australian centers in Sydney and Perth have joined the study and started recruitment.

ENYO Pharma bases its innovation on mimicking viral strategies to discover new cellular targets and is currently developing drug candidates in therapeutic areas such as infectious and metabolic diseases.

“The innovation of Amylyx’s combination therapy is that it targets multiple causes of brain cell loss, and the two drugs given in tandem create additional protective effects.

This office will be the new ENYO Pharma center to manage EYP001 (an FXR agonist) clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific region for chronic Hepatitis B.“People in hospitality have so many things to do,” says Mc Culloch, “they want simple solutions.” Lyon, October 26, 2017.ENYO Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company developing new molecules with an innovative approach inspired by viruses, made a strategic decision and has recently decided to open its first wholly owned subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia, because of its excellent clinical trials development capabilities and attractive conditions offered by the government. A casebook of exemplary items and innovative item formats -- 7. Validity evidence arising from item development and item response validation. Validity evidence coming from item development procedures -- 9.Jitjatjo is a new app specifically designed to solve temporary hospitality staffing problems.