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I donated my last car to WTTW a few years ago, which was a relief for me and my beloved wheels--perhaps it's time to get rid of your jalopy?September 19, 2011 The Urban Institute released a study today find that Chicago's "blue light camera" program helped reduce crime in one neighborhood but not in another.October 27, 2011 Time Out Chicago speculates on whether the protests can survive a less pleasant set of conditions.Also provided is a short list of tips on how to participate without being arrested.October 25, 2011 He may not be able to drive, but your pooch still needs a dog license in the City of Chicago, and less than 5 percent of Chicagoans have been buying them.Starting next year, you'll get fined unless fido has a bit of official City jewelry on his collar. October 24, 2011 With Thanksgiving only a month away, organizers for the Mc Donald's Thanksgiving Parade are still looking for volunteers to do anything from carry banners in the parade to, um, cleaning up after the horses as part of the "poo crew." Visit Chicago to learn more.

November 02, 2011 Matador Records has a keen blog piece gushing about the emergence of awesome indie record stores while others are sadly closing.Which, at to 0 per offense, quickly becomes not so small.(See also: remove all your old city stickers.) October 28, 2011 Based on number of children 5-14, median household income, walkability and "creative spirit," Chicago-Naperville-Joliet is edged out by only New York-Northern New Jersey and Bridgeport-Stamford.They give some love to Chicago-area stores Saki (Chicago-Logan Square), Cyklopx (Forest Park), and to Permanent Records' expansion out west from Chicago.October 31, 2011 With the advent of several infrastructure tech upgrades ("mobile electronic ticketing"), it's no longer a hassle for your alderman to write you up for the small stuff.