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Mitzeee is a wannabe glamour model and WAG, she is portrayed as being ruthless in achieving her goals and is fame driven.

Shenton helped create her backstory and has stated on different occasions that Mitzeee uses femininity to get what she wants.

Mitzeee is certain that she will avenge Heidi and Carl's betrayal.

Mitzeee assists Heidi in a fashion show while continuing to seduce Carl but Carl rejects her further.

Mitzeee grew up with her mother Trish Minniver (Paula Wolfenden), a single mother.

She did not see her extended family, the Costellos, for a lengthy period of time.

She enlists the help of Michaela Mc Queen (Hollie-Jay Bowes) to help her expose their affair.

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Mitzeee ensures Ste's girlfriend Rae Wilson (Alice Barlow) witnesses Brendan and Ste's passion.

Mitzeee was created by series producer Paul Marquess for a different television series which was never commissioned and instead introduced his ideas onto Mitzeee.

She is also one of the first characters created in Marquess' 2010 reinvention of Hollyoaks.

She takes Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox), who has agreed to write an article on the night, and heavily pregnant Theresa Mc Queen (Jorgie Porter) with her.

During the party, she teaches Theresa and Nancy how to be a WAG, and ends up fighting with 'frenemy' Chanterelle (Leanne Urey).