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"I reckon the best solution is to raise your own family, have as many children as possible, and try to make them the best people you can. Yet I can't really admit to knowing myself - or speaking with much confidence about how to live and act!

" Kushnarenko makes these remarks against the backdrop of increasingly widespread dilemmas in Slavic life.

Trud means “Labor” in Russian, a term that adorned countless Soviet newspapers, posters, and banners.

This is the little world of school-age maximalists.Nobody would ever be dancing; they'd all be making out...etc, etc." In short, the mock anger and decadence of these songs combine in some bittersweet, nostalgic admissions that school life does little to prepare students for adulthood - and the disappointments thereof."I honestly don't see a difference between communism and fascism.They both represent a totalitarian approach to society and politics.